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Advice needed on Ridperidone tablets!

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Hello everyone! 

I hope this finds you all happy and well today :-) I was hoping someone could give me some advice if possible. I've been on the Risperdal Consta injection at 37.5mg for 7 years and, at times, it's gone up to 50mg and dropped back down etc. 

At the moment I'm on 37.5mg and have been unwell according to my CPN and Psychiatrist so he has decided to put me Risperidone tablets to boost the injection a 1mg BD. 

So far, after 1 week, with both of them I have noticed no difference whatsoever, had anyone else been on both and if they have how long do the tablets roughly take to work? I know it's different for everyone, but the side effect leaflets usually say...it's just I have the injection too so I don't know when to call it a day on this type of oral medication. 


Thank you so, so much and have lovely days. 


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