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Searching for a room to rent - and the hell it's giving me.


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I really hope this is a good area of the site to put this, sort of a rant, sort of not. But probably, more or less a rant.

Living where I do, it's next to impossible to find a place to rent, a room that is. My boyfriend and I are so limited on funds we wanted to rent a room from someone, so we could start saving for a car and our own place of course. I'm tired of hitting a damn brick wall with everyone though, because it's two of us, and not one a lot of people wanna hike the rent up a couple hundred, not one, not two, but like three, four, maybe possibly more - if you're willing. They wanna charge us BOTH the asking amount, (that'll be 800 for two people. no?) We could get an apartment then, really. Or, today MY favorite, this came out of a lady's mouth,

She asked why I'm on disability, because I disclose that I get SSI and what he does for work so people know we're stable (sort of, he gets commission, and only half, in a small shitty town, but my check is of course stable.) and I told her because I'm mentally ill. I DIDN'T disclose my BPD, just my GAD and depression disorder. She had the balls to tell me, "you sound pretty intelligent for some on disability, I DON'T GET THAT MUCH FROM THOSE WHO ARE." 

A fair amount of people with mental illness are highly intelligent - and creative, talented individuals. Even those with autism have high IQs, if I'm not mistaken? Correct me if i'm wrong please. Just because someone has a mental disorder/disability doesn't make them an idiot. Being an idiot, MAKES YOU AN IDIOT. I told her I graduated high school at 16, with honors, not because I was pregnant or at risk, and was going to join the Army but couldn't because I'm mentally ill. I started college at 17 pursuing my teaching degree, and a minor in CPS type social work when I get to university but had to put it on hold from lack of money to pay for it.

Am I common sense smart? Not really. Am I book smart? I would like to think so, really. I did pretty well in school, minus math classes. Everyone has that one subject they suck at, but I excelled in history and english subjects. 

I just felt like that was much, she did state she's had roommates who were also on disability, but they were older, so I'm assuming SSDI and not SSI?

*No one* wants someone with a disability to be a - LIABILITY, either, she also said. That and because my boyfriend and I've not been together longer than four months which is slightly understandable, but because I'm disabled. You're shitting me, dude. 

We don't want to rent an apartment outright because again, trying to save for a vehicle. I wanna work again, I don't like sitting at home trust me I don't, but it's not easy without a car. so many places want someone with open availability, and with my lack of "stable employment" I need more yays than nays if that makes sense. 

Has anyone else dealt with this sort of bullshit? Don't try to relate if you don't get it, seriously. not anyone who was gonna comment, but to that lady. I can't stand people who do that shit, drives me nuts. More than I am. Lol.

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Wow. The nerve of some people. Sorry you had to deal with that...   the stigma that goes with MI and being on disability in general. It's unreal.

I might be wrong, but I thought that renters were not allowed to ask what your disability is? Either way, it's rude. I don't know how it works with trying to rent out a room in someone's house, but in general you can't be turned away because you're mentally ill either. 

While apartment hunting, my SO and I ran into so many people/places who said no animals even after we explained that my cat is an emotional support animal and that I could provide documention from my doctor. 

People really do suck. 

Hope you have better luck and can get settled soon.

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