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Problems starting back on lithium

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I'm just recently starting back on lithium after being off meds for 3 years. Lithium was my med of choice back then because it helped a lot with very little side effects.

I took my first dose last night which was 300mg, and for the next 12 hours I couldn't keep anything down not even water. I started shaking uncontrollably and I don't remember going to sleep so I think I might have passed out?

Woke up in the morning, still couldn't keep anything down. Been about 14 hours now since I took the pill and just now I'm starting to keep water down.

What's going on? Lithium worked so well for me before. My doctor is on a trip for a week so I can't even call her to ask. My wife thinks I should keep taking it and see if it goes away but I'm not taking it again if this is what I have to look forward to....

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