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paroxetine is stealing my sex!

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ugh. so ive been on nuzak (fluoxetine) then cilift (citalopram) and then cymbalta. and now in on paroxetine. and when on the first two i had no sexual side effects at all. in fact i was doing GREAT. then Cymbalta came and .. well, i didnt.

about 3 weeks ago i got really sick and couldnt eat for a week, and definitely couldnt keep my meds down. so i didnt take my Cymbalta for about 3 weeks, because i didnt want the shite of going back onto them (id been puking for a week straight, i did NOT want the nausea...) and i was almost finished the box i was on and needed to see my psych for another prescription anyway... and while i was off it (once is stopped throwing up violently. that is...) i came like crazy and i felt so much better in general, it had really been frustrating me

so i saw a different psychiatrist 3 days ago (because the first one was a fool who couldnt recognize that social phobia/anxiety was my main problem, not depression)  and he put me on paroxetine, which i know is a major culprit for stealing orgasms... and since ive been on it i've been DEAD. im freaking out already, does it get better once you adjust? i didnt notice it last time until about 2/3 months ago because it was between boyfriends (or, with a boy who was sexually dead ... he even told me he'd rather go down on a boy than a girl...for example, ME... i was not impressed...)

so... what the hell can i do about it? i'm so damn pissed off about it, i was ENJOYING that!!! any advice? i know people here would have at least tried to remedy it!!!

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