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Medication Use & MI during Pregnancy

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General Information about Pregnancy & Mental Illness

Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Women's Mental Health-Contributed by Erika

Includes information on: Psychiatric Diagnoses During Pregnancy; Post-Partum Depression; Breastfeading and Psychiatric medications; Infertility and Mental Health; Mood Disorders and Menopause

General Medication Use during Pregnancy/Lactation

The Safety of Psychotropic Drug Use during Pregnancy -Contributed by Gretl

Medscape article (requires free registration) "reviews the published data for each class of medication regarding birth defects and neonatal health, as well as (the first I've seen) longer-term followup of children whose mothers took meds during pregnancy. They often compare statistics to that of the population overall, which is helpful. It's a bit sketchy on details but positive overall, and may open a few doctor's minds a little, if nothing else."

Drugs in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding-Contributed by susanb


Depression and Pregnancy Risks Addresses antidepressant use in depressed women during pregnancy. -Contributed by Gretl

Medication Exposure during Pregnancy: Antidepressants -Contributed by Erika


Benzodiazepines in Diagnosis and Mangement of General Anxiety Disorder(bolding ours) -Contributed by Erika

Safety of benzodiazepines in pregnancy is uncertain. This subject was recently reviewed by Altshuler and colleagues.[56] Among infants born to women using benzodiazepines, the pooled odds ratio for oral cleft was 2.4-fold greater than among women not taking the drugs. The authors suggested that the increased risk for cleft palate is primarily associated with alprazolam, with a 0.70% incidence, compared with a baseline of 0.06%. Thus, antidepressants may be better choices for use when pharmacotherapy is clinically necessary during pregnancy.

If benzodiazepines are used during pregnancy, postpartum effects -- primarily withdrawal -- in the infant should be anticipated. Symptoms include sedation, muscle weakness, and hypotonia.[57]

Benzodiazepine Use during Pregnancy-Contributed by susanb

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