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Hi all...

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I know I'm such a horrible person for never posting, but I will make it my new month resolution. I don't believe in new year's resolutions but I try to achieve something every month.

Lots has happened since I posted (november ack!)

I got off the clonazepam that I thought was making me narcoleptic. :P   I've been off the epival for a while and my weight has gone back to normal. Not where it was before I started, but a more acceptable level. :)

The perphenazine wasn't making me stupid as I thought. And the clonazepam wasn't making me sleep. It was the depression. Go figure. You'd think I'd recognize these things by now. :ninja:

I couldn't sleep once I got off the clonazepam so I spent a month tossing and turning before I could see my shrink again. :)

Had a major psychotic and paranoid episode that lasted a week and had me totally freaking. I even called a crisis line. I ended up taking a bunch of ativan and sleeping for 24 hrs on New Years...whoo hoo ;) well happy new year to me. That ended in the increase of perphenazine, twice. First was intrusive thoughts and then this.

Finally got to see pdoc after about 6 weeks or more and got back on the clonazepam so now I can sleep. Ahhh wonderful sleep. :D

She had me decrease the wellbutrin and added celexa the appointment before. She seems to think I only have an anxiety problem. Fix that and all will be well. Not likely but screw her :ninja: At this appointment I told her that celexa was shit, but she wanted me to stay on it. She did increase the wellbutrin again though.

Went to see my family dr and got him to change the meds. Unlike pdoc, he actually listens to me. I stopped the celexa and wellbutrin added amitriptyline. (Yay for old school meds!) I know now that serotonin is not my prob.

Thank God/dess or whoever, but this med combo now seems to be working. I am forcing myself to be good with food and sleep and forcing myself to go to school and do work, but I am functioning, heck I'm even feeling good at times. I want to do more with my friends and in the community and am even thinking about going back to work one day a week.  :angry:

Ameth Jean

aka alphabet soup (i have so many diagnoses, who needs a BA to have letters behind their name)

OCD, PTSD, GAD, panic disorder with agorophobia, BP, BPD, DD-NOS, ED-NOS, chronic tic disorder, in remission

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Heya Amethyst,

I don't think I know you already, so hi.

Sounds like things are better than before, and you're still in school, which is always good.  Well, I thought so, when I was in school.

Keep posting, if you feel like it ;)


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