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How long does it take your body to settle down after each tiltration of lamotrigine(lamictal)?

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I feel like I do when I first start taking an antidepressant? Since I tiltrated up on my lamictal  this time, I have insomnia. I feel just up. Not manic, not nervous or anything like that. I just have a hard time sleeping. Also, I take an antidepressant with it. I'm used to taking the red 25 mg. This time I got green 25 mg pills. Could that have anything to do with it? Or is it just the tiltration of lamictal? What has been your experience? How long did the up feeling last until your body settled on lamictal? My klonopin doesn't even feel like it's working with this tiltration. The lamictal seems to override it.

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