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Hair loss driving me crazier!

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Yes, but I don't know that my story will apply. Lots of hair loss, and I have started to notice my brows thinning. But, in my case it might be low hormones due to menopause. Not sure yet. Just had my prescription switched from birth control pills to bioidentical hormone replacement, so we'll see.

My doc does check my thyroid levels more frequently since I started on Lamictal. And he does reflex tests to also check for signs of hypothyroidism. So far, Lamictal hasn't effected my thyroid levels.

PS - Forgot to say, that the PI for Lamictal lists goiter and hypothyroidism as a rare adverse event of the endocrine system.

Also lists alopecia as an infrequent dermatological adverse event.

I'm so hoping mine is caused by low female hormones, and that the new meds will help, 'cause I honestly don't know how I will be able to deal with the continuing, massive amount of hair loss if it's the Lamictal. And yes, I've been taking mega amounts of B-Vitamins, as well.

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thinning of the outer eyebrows is one of the classic signs of hypothyroid. 

but it could just be from the lamictal.

i'd ask your pdoc, and maybe get a thyroid panel recheck just in case.  if you have insurance that will cover the test, there's no reason to get the test run again.


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Thanks for the responses. :P

I will bring it all up with my pdoc at my appt. on Friday.  Knowing him...he will probably just excuse it and think I'm over-reacting it all. ;)

I do have good insurance, so I will have my thyroid rechecked.  I was just curious about others experiences with this type of hair loss.

Alopecia....YIKES!!!!  :)


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Yep, always good to have your thyroid checked whenever you lose a lot of hair, especially in the eyebrows. The hair loss has been the signal that pushed me infor a thyroid test twice now and both times I needed to supplement.

It does seem like a number of people complain about hair loss on Lamictal, but I don't seem to have ever had any of that.

Please remember to let us know the results of the thyroid test.


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This is very crummy news indeed.  I've been working my way up on the Lamictal and it's pretty much my last hope for unipolar TRD.  Severe. My hair was  already thinning before I started it, but it DOES seem like there's more in the brush lately.  ;)   (nervous scalp picking  -- well, it does NOT help, to say the least. :- ( )

I'm also hypothyroid, but taking replacement - supposely ample (it's checked pretty often).  Is the alopecia  - if it occurs - caused by hypothyroidism?  (Hoping very much the answer is yes and therefore remediable). 

Sheesh! And I thought all I had to worry about was avoiding  Stevens-Johnson's syndrome and I was home free.  (And  did I read somewhere else, about weight gain too??)

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Lamictal is supposed to be weight-neutral. For whatever it's worth, it has been for me.

Only other thing I can add, besides asking to be checked for thyroid problems and taking vitamins, is that if you are a woman anywhere near perimenopause or menopause get your estrogen levels checked. And if your gyno doesn't listen to you about your concerns, get another one.

Written about this in other threads. Finally, after my internist pretty much insisted that my idiot gyno switch me from birth control pills to bioidentical hormone replacement, my hair is starting to grow back.

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Thank you, Revlow!

Yes, must remember to replace my Climera  patch.  Keep forgetting. So much work to be a hardcore heatlhcare "consumer".

And I see they've finally approved Propecia for women too.  About time!  (Now if only I could afford it. Min $60/month - or double or triple - and of course, no insurance will touch it  :- (). 

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Heya realitytest,

Like revlow said.  She's always way ahead on research ;)

And, Propecia might actually be useful for *some* women, as some women have testosterone problems.

Mostly Lamictal seems to promote hair growth, from what I've seen here, though it's *not* scientific.  Certainly promotes hair and nail growth for me.

Best of luck with hormones!!


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