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I was on Seroquel for years and decided to change to Zyprexa hoping that the side effects would be less.  Zyprexa turned out to be worse and so I changed back to seroquel and got really bad akathisia.  So I changed back to Zyprexa again for a couple of months then decided to give the seroquel a try again, starting at a low dosage and increasing it slowly.  When I increased the dosage to 200mg I suddenly started getting severe panic attacks and a sense of dread and anxiety that would not go away.  So I changed back to Zyprexa again.  This was about a month ago and the anxiety has not gone anywhere.  I live with a sense of dread and panic every minute of every day.  Could this be akathisia again?  The last time I had it I couldn't sit still which is different now, its just a sense of inner distress that hangs with me.  I don't know what to do!  My doctor thinks its just normal anxiety but I really feel like the seroquel caused some kind of physiological change, its completely abnormal for me.

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