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Strong urges to do things like pour a glass of water on myself - anyone else get odd urges?

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Not exactly a problematic thing but just wondering right now. I've always had these strong urges to do something random like dump a glass of water on my head or just pour the whole carton of milk on the floor. Sometimes with hot coffee or water I need to resist the urge to pour it on myself. Idk they're just random urges. 

Just want to see if others relate. 

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Yes, I can really relate.  I don't act on them, but they are definitely random, strong urges to do things that come out of the blue (ie like where did that thought/urge come from?).  Sometimes I really struggle to not do them.  Distraction is the key for me ... to take my mind elsewhere.

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Lol I just did this. Sitting here soaking wet in a zoom call after I just wanted to drink some water. Poured half of it on my head and couldn’t find anything but this post of other people wanting to do this. When I was younger and wanted to break things I would sometimes throw water on the floor because I realised it’s destructive enough to hit the spot but doesn’t cause any real damage. Didn’t have enough time to think about it before I did this one and currently considering how to explain this to my friends and go and change my clothes. I’m 23 btw

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