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When does the weight gain stop?

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Hi Jen,

You do not stand alone! I suffered the same from Lexapro.

I havn't a clue how to stop the weight gain...... but I did hear this little whisper in the docter's office.

Some P-docs prescribe anti-acids (such as Zantac) to counteract weight gain from AD's that effect Histamine (neurotransmitter) - like Mirtazipine (Remeron). I tried it out on Remeron, and it does indeed slam the brakes on the weight gain.

Will it work for SSRI's too? Don't have a hunch... but you could may be give it a run for a week or 2. Usual dose is 150 mgs taken 2x daily.

TIP: discuss it with your p-doc first. He or she might be able to tell you of the pro's and cons and possible risky side effects.

My best,

Maria ;)

I have gained some weight since being on Lexapro.
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As I recall, with most Ads the weight gain crept up and then did level off. There were a few things that I thought I'd just keep getting bigger and bigger on -- most notably Zyprexa.

You do have to really pay attention to food, I found that part of why I gained weight was that I was just migrating toward more sweet/sugary foods naturally -- way more calories for the same volume.

So the answer is, maybe.


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