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Quickly crazy and need advice

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Have you guys ever crashed really quick and not see how far down you had gone? I lost my niece to an OD and then lost a good friend to suicide . Within a week I was speaking rapidly anxious and not sleeping let alone the PTSD flashbacks were in control and I was a total bitch I didn't see it until I was out of control really

all of this happened so quickly . I have been on the same meds for years and suddenly they are talking about IP and IOP ( intensive out patient ) they are waiting to approve my insurance because the VA aid fighting it and wanting me to go to the VA 

i am waiting on the professionals program at another hospital but my concern is it may not start till Wednesday . my license can be at risk if I don't complete a program. THey did say if things got worse I could call or go there and they would call my admitting DR who is different than my regular Pdoc 

they started me on zyprexa and it has taken the edge off

it hurts my feelings and more so my pride that I am stark raving sober having not picked up a drink or drug yet I still am headed to a psych hospital

have any of you had an experience similar? If so what did you do ? HOw long did the meds take to stabilize you? What suggestions do you have about staying safe the next 3 days? What might I expect to happen? 


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