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AIT Therapy?

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I have Sensory Integration Dysfunction, and my worst is audio. I was pointed into the direction of AIT and was wondering if other people have had any experiences? From my understanding, it is used for all sorts of things such as AD/HD, Dyslexia, communication disorders, developmental delays, and non-verbal disorders (not just Autism). So I am hoping for some feedback on the therapy board.

Any experiences or knowledge would be a great deal of help. But specifically, I was wondering...

1. Exactly how has it helped?

2. What is actually done?

3. Is 18 aged too old?

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I didn't do AIT... though reading about it maybe... though I'm a lot better now after what I did do.  I did er, listening therapy, with my occupational therapist.  she gave me a series of weird CDs that had hidden noises in them that I had to listen to for a half an hour twice a day while walking around (and then i had to do some weird exercises and this brushing thing that's also for sensory stuff.) 

anyway... i know this isn't about AIT, but more just saying that AIT sounds much more individually designed than what i did, and what i did worked pretty damn well for me.  (i have sensory integration issues, but am not on the spectrum, in case you were wondering ... and hearing was my second worst.)  i still listen to the CDs a few times a week.  Esp. one because for some reason it blisses me out.  sensory disorders are weird like that.

okay... this SO was NOT what you asked about at all.

in silly summation, i did something simmilar to AIT and it helped me a lot, basically.

hopefully someone here has done AIT and will give you a better answer.


edited to add:  i didn't learn what sensory integration dysfunction was until i was 24 (i just thought the world was overwhelming, loud, bright and clothes hurt and that's how life was.) and the occupational therapy i did has helped me a lot.  i think it helps MORE if you do it while young, but it helps when you're an adult as well. 

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Thank you, thank you. That does help tremendously. Doing something on my own with support sounds like a pretty good deal. A much more stimulating thought.

yay.  i hope you can find a good occupational therapist near you.  like when i go to my ADD doc, sometimes it's weird going to my OT because pretty much all of her patients are kids... but my OT was nice and (this sounds so silly) the stuff she made me do while with her was really fun and felt great (swinging, crawling, etc.) 

the stuff i did at home, and i'm sure most OTs offer this, used these silly overpriced special headphones (that health insurance paid for, what?)

the cds i listened to were from the EASe series and also CDs from the "for modulation" series (my favorite is the Mozart for Modulation CD which makes me giggly for some reason.  (one of the CDs made me see spots... NO idea why)

i also learned the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol from her and did that at home... and joint compressions and etc etc.

i'm just saying this to give you a better understanding of what working with an OT on sensory issues is like.  (i'm not suggestion you buy these CDs and do it on your own by any means... it's all oddly really complicated.  besides, most OTs i've meet are really awesome people)

anyway... if you do AIT or go to an OT, lemme know how it goes, ok?


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