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Losing Concentration!

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Ok, so I'm a very rapid cycling BP something that usually copes with life sort of.

Now I find I start doing something at work, and two minutes (if that) later I'm too depressed to do anything more. So I go off and try something else. Can't concentrate on anything for longer than about three minutes.

Of course, being rather strange me. At several points of the day I overly perky and bouncy. Still doesn't help the concentration though.

Not good. My job requires high concentration / logic /math  skills for literally hours at a time (and I used to be superb at that)..

Any suggestions for recovering my discipline before someone notices I'm getting by on bullshit?

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hi sanddune,

i also work in a very fast pace environment and its hard for me when im struggling...either emotionally or when im having 'dumb' moments with my meds. 

what medication(s) are you currently taking?  are you able to take a bit of time off until you can sort this out (maybe work from home)?  can you get some time in with your pdoc?

a few months ago i was stuck in a very bad mixed state where i lost ALL focus and could NOT work. i went into work every day but got absolutely nothing accomplished, so i can understand how frustrated you are.


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Haven't seen you for a while, sorry you aren't feeling well.

Well, being both bouncy and depressed could be signs of a mixed state, which is self explanatory.

The illness is breaking through. You need to call your Pdoc and let him know what is going on.  Very likely he will adjust your meds or give you some temporarily to slow things down.

Take a few moments and mentally review the symptoms you are experiencing.  Part of getting control of BP is learning to recognize the symptoms of mania, mixed state, depression and taking action to arrest them before you spin out of control.

Good luck.


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I know the feeling. Right now I am in the range of "almost stable" but still find that I cannot concentrate to take notes or do my readings.

The only way I cope is doing things in very tiny bits at a time.

The messed up part of my head that can't seem to put together a sentence or understand the language that was just spoken (which is in fact english, desptie my wanting to believe ohterwise) is something I cannot help and haven't found a way to change.

In my case I hope it's either the depression (that seems to be leaving) which will soon be gone (hopefully) and then so will that cognitive effect, or it's the new med I'm on and hopefully that will also go away with time.

Well I'm sorry for rambling about myself. I hope there is at least *something* useful in that post.


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