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Do things have places?  

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  1. 1. Do things have places?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Places have things but things do not have places.
    • I can't answer becuase I lost my mouse.

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My gf doesn't seem to get this.  "Did you write that check today?" she will ask.  "No," I respond.  "I couldn't find a pen."  "but there are are tons of pens look, there is one there and there and there and there . . ."

She doesn't get that pens that are not in their places might as well not exist.  Likewise, when she borrows my pen and doesn't put it back in its place she might as well be throwing it away. 

We've tried to work it out so that we have places which are designated points where we place objects of a specified kind.  "all pens go in the basket on top of the television" is better for her than "the blue pen goes on the computer but the grey one stays by the alarm clock."  Sometimes the basket on top of the television becomes depleted of pens as they are scattered about the apartment.  I then can't find them and it's pointless to look and they might as well not exist because they are not in their place.

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I started out the semester with thirteen pens.  I'm down to one.  I don't know where the fuck everything else went, or how to find it all.  Hello, reality. 

If my roommate and I shared stuff-space, I think I'd drive her mad within the hour.  Instead, we have this cozy little relationship where she has her room and I have mine, and my shit covers every surface which is not inside her room.  Lovely. 

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My keys and my work ID badge are the only things I own that have a place.  Everything else is anyone's guess where it might be.  I'm with Greenyflower I think.  I seem to lose stuff more when I try to put it where it belongs.  If I leave it out in the open, at least there's a chance I'll be able to spot it when I need it. 

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Oh things must be in there places!  Very important. 

I was living w/my parents during a rough time.  They were remodeling their basement and I was living in it.  I'd wake up, run upstairs to take a shower, come back downstairs, and find that my mom had moved my belongings so she could start working.  Every fucking morning she'd move my stuff before I got out of the shower.  I lost a pair of pants for a month cause I couldn't figure out where she'd put them. 

One day I lost my mind over this and took a big huge nail and in a fit of rage I nailed my clothes to a support beam.  Well, then I was the idiot with a hole in all of my clothes.  But boy, did it feel good to drive that nail through my clothes before I got in the shower.  I KNEW they'd be there when I got out. 

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I once lost my passport before an international trip.  I finally found it

in the second-to-last book,

on the last shelf,

of the last bookcase,

in the last room of the house I searched. 

Does this mean it was in the second-to-last place I searched?

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Why bother giving things places when there is a roving black hole that eats things and then spits them out someplace completely different, and my bras kidnap my car keys for six months? Plus the cats steal my socks, and one steals my underwear and I have NOT seen a couple of my t-shirts since I started dating Alex, as dating someone doubles  (or in Alex's case qudruples) the number of roving black holes and kidnapping underthings.

If it's an important thing, have several copies. And keyhooks are helpful but not infallible.

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Zon, you speak the truth.

Pens in baskets. Yup, I have a basket full of...erm, you know, there were pens when I started, but now there are highlighters, unsharpened pencils that I got in China, a candle, refills that fit no pens that I own...

what were we talking about?

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Things have places. If a thing is not in its place, does it really exist?

I'm not sure.

OK this is sounding a bit like the philosophical question,"if a tree falls in the woods...."

I have the uncanny ability to find things. My husband is amazed. I can find anything, within a short period of time.

When we moved, and everything was spread willy nilly in boxes,  I found what we needed when we needed it. We were both amazed.

BUT, back to you VE - I am for your own personal basket of pens. Those are yours, and those move only when you command them to. And that would follow with just about anything that is important to you. If order is what you need, then you should have a way to achieve that, and your GF should respect it.


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If I try to organize everything, my things have places, except I can't remember where the places are!  I just let the chips (things) fall as they may and generally find them fairly quickly.

My super-organized tdoc finds this absolutely hilarious, but isn't discouraging my status quo of disorganized organization.

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