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Stimulant + Med that is like 1 beer?

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OK...this is gonna sound really bizarre...First off, I only drink once per week, usually only beer, and no more than 2-3 with large meal. When I get really nervous & panicky about an event (like right now performing at a job interview) I will drink coffee as usual (because i can't wake up otherwise) and then after breakfast, I will quickly drink 1 beer to give me a calm, but confident feel. I'm a bit of a lightweight, so 1 beer is enough.

I know this is stupid! But:  1.) I really need coffee in the morning to get up, get my brain working & body awake. 2.) I cant take benzo-type meds during day, only night before bed because they make me drowsy and really effect my cognition (I feel way less sharp)

Does anyone know of a better/safer medication/combo that might possibly have the effect of a tiny beer "buzz?" Again, sorry if this sounds totally bizarre or problematic. It just is the only thing that stimulates, yet puts me at ease at the same time!

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