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Dallas Trip - Need Suggestions.

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My boyfriend and I are going to Dallas 4/28 ( technically 4/29 because it will be midnight when we leave probably ) and returning 5/1. We're wondering if anyone in Dallas, or who might have been there could suggest some fun things to do? We're also on a budget, so some decent priced things. Especially things for couples. So far we're going to the holocaust museum - I have German blood in me, and my family were those who took part in hiding Jews. The Speedzone, for their arcade and Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. We are open minded in our relationship - in regards to our sexuality and sex life. We would love to do something together in the adult scene if you will. If you have a suggestion in that area and don't feel comfortable commenting it please message it to me. Like strip clubs, adult stores, etc. Bars, nightclubs, other adult only places. We also wanna know some good places like for swimming that might be open? Good priced hotels? I have Expedia, so if I can find it there even better. Arcades, fun places, good places to eat. I know locals have really good suggestions on places to eat that aren't listed like locally owned resturants too. We're not opposed to travelling throughout Dallas/FW area. Grand Prairie, etc. Ripley's is in GP. I'm 20 and he's 42, I can't drink but he'll probably get me some drinks while we're there. We just wanna have fun. This is our first trip together, and we wanna make the best of it! Also, please no one flip out over my asking of "adult" suggestions, we're all adults here - I think at least, so be mature about it. I didn't say anything explicit, imo, so.

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