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Is there a possibility of SSI/SSDI

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I have been suffering from chronic migraines, 2-4/week since 1/27/05.  During the 2005 year, I worked on a as-can basis with my employer of 11 years.  They allowed me to take all my sick time and then paid me what my hourly wage would of been instead of my salary.  This went on until Aug 2005 and I took medical leave.  I had a short term disability policy (6 month) with AFLAC that has paid for the time I was out.

I am at my wits end, with no relief in sight.  Husband, parents, in-laws, friends - all try to help, but no one can really.  Not that I don't appreciate their support.

One of my ex-boyfriends' sister is going through a similar thing.  She is a nurse and is unable to work and is on SSI or SSDI (I get them confused).  I am beginning to wonder if that is an option for me.  Bills are piling up, we are about to move and things are tight.

I just feel hopeless.  I am not even sure if this is an option for me.  Any light shed would be appreciated.



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I don't know as much about filing for SSI/SSDI for physical illnesses as I do mental illnesses.

Can you talk to the nurse you know and compare stories and ask her about her application process?

If you haven't yet, check out and read the pinned topoic at the top of this board. It contains alot of good info and resources about SSI/SSDI.

If you have more specific questions, let us know.


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It is possible to win on the basis of migraines.  Just very difficult.  You should apply on the basis of your bipolar disorder AND your migraines.  The fact that you have 2 to 4 long-lasting migraines per week that do not respond to treatment that are long-lasting that occur unpredictably could show that they interfere with your ability to work full-time.

I suggest visiting the "forum" at www.carolina-disability.com. Someone else has posted under the condition of chronic migraines. You should be seeing a good supportive doctor, preferably a neurologist or migraine specialist, who keeping detailed, typed records, with detailed descriptions of your migraines at each visit.  The documentation should include the history, description of your pain, associated symptoms, auras (if any), and the effects of your symptoms, inability to concentrate, for how long, any limitations on your daily activities, any vomiting, nausea, etc.    You should show that you have exhausted all kinds of treatment techniques that have failed to provide relief (including non-medication treatment).  You should also find a good attorney.  Visit:


for info about how to find a good attorney in your area that handles SSA claims.  What's difficult about migraines is that there is usually no objective test that can determine a migraine (although I have read that certain brain tests done while a migraine is experience has yield similiar results to seizure activity---but this would be expensive, and I don't know if insurance would cover it).  Since you have bipolar disorder, too, have you tried Depakote or Topamax---the anticonvulsants---which function as a mood stabilizer as well as migraine prevention at the right dose?

You might qualify for SSDI/SSI on your mental impairment alone---if severe enough---but you should definitely consult with an attorney. One thing for sure is that if you don't apply for benefits, you surely will not get them.

As far as whether you have a chance----you have to show that your impairment, or combination of impairments, has/have lasted for, or is/are expected to last for, at least 12 consecutive months-----so keep that in mind before you apply.

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Bryan is really the pro at this stuff around here, I think, and everything he said is correct. I just wanted to add something to his answer. You asked if you can get SSDI/SSI for migraines. According to SSA literature and representatives, you can get SSDI/ SSI for anything so long as it impairs your ability to work gainfully at any job in the national economy. Obviously some issues are going to be more familiar to SSA and they will be able to reach a decision easier based on past experience with those issues, which is why Bryan suggested applying with the bipolar disorder in big bold letters on your application. Many many people have qualified based on bipolar disorder, and it's not going to be as big a red flag as migraines are likely to be, since (I'm assuming) not many people have been granted disability on the basis of their migraines.

In any event, I would recommend applying yesterday! It tends to be a rather long and arduous process for most people. (Mine took THREE years!) Also, by waiting to apply, you may disqualify yourself from some benefits you may be entitled to, as I think there is a limit as to how far back you can claim disability. I *think* it's a year back from the date you apply. So in other words, if it is determined that you became disabled on January 1st 2004, and you didn't apply until January 1st of 2006, I think you would only be eligible for the benefits from January 1st 2005 and forward. I could be completely wrong on that.... I seem to remember something to that effect though.

I hope that helps, but if it doesn't, it's because I generally stop making sense after being awake for about 26 hours, and I'm working on 29 at the moment.

I just know I'm going to come back after sleeping and this post is going to say "ksdhgohvjnsdavisyfgp9wythsnvPiuwe9r8twygkjdbvla..."

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I just spoke with my attorney and he told me that my hearing may not be for a year. ahhh hell. This is really gonna drive me nuts. That's fine... I guess I can spend a little time in the nuthouse..i will certainly have all the time in the fucking world.

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