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Effin waxing and wanin

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Ok, I had to move out of state thus making me have to Ct withdrawal of klonopin. I thought I was really losing it. I had two seizures and the ER reinstated my klonopin but weaned me down over a week. I got out of inpatient on Wednesday and I felt good then yesterday but today I woke up and just knew it was going to be a bad day.



these symptoms wax and wane so much so that you think your out of the cloud only to be put back into it. It sucks so bad because I'm trying to recover from all of this. Trying to do it without a crutch. Now mind you I believe benzos have there place in medicine but they are so hard to come off of.



i thought I had died and I was the son of man and that I created everything. Very delusional I say. So does anyone here have any tips on how to deal with such a change as this? I'm trying to find common ground so I can have assurance that it's really just benzo withdrawal.

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