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Me... I guess...

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"hi this is fergie b, long time listener first time caller..."

Actually I've just found crazyboards.org. I've decided to join this community, because i feel as if i have reached some sort of standstill in my progression towards having superb mental health. I really want to find some answers, and guidance as I try to reach my goal of feeling the same way normal people feel.... whatever

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As I read along about all the stuff you've done and been through, I figured you must be pushing 50 or so by now. Yowza!

Welcome to Crazy Boards. Let me introduce myself as someone juuust like your older sister--neglected, figuratively told the parents to screw it by leaving home (and coming to live over here) at 18, similar early abuse history. I have 2 younger bros in 2 families that I still feel badly about having left behind.

So, it sounds like you outgrew your asshole-ness and are feeling better about yourself and taking better care of yourself. You've been through a lot; it seems pretty amazing that you've been able to turn yourself around with plenty of time to spare.

Nice pics!


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I am a firm believer that everyone has their own respective cross to bare, (or in other words that) we all have our own unique trials and obstacles that must be overcome. It is not that i live some great tragedy, It is just that my problems are just strange. As for background info I have to say

don't need a great tradgedy to have problems.

as for strange... well i think you'll fit in quite well.

My parents were very neglectful and addicted to this consumer culture.
ah, gifts as substiute lovin, how well i knew that cycle.  (though my dad wasn't addicted to consumer culture, he did use gifts as money when at his wit's end as to how to parent.)


I had no idea who i was. Was i gay? was i Catholic? was i liberal? was i evil? what did i believe or think?

eek.  some serious quesions.  and no wonder you were mixed up.

I really just want to be happy and normal

what is this normal of which you speak? ;)

oh, and there's no thread about being a MI ("mentally interesting") libretarian around here, but there is a thread on being a MI Republican though (as you know) i disagree with people who use republican in their definion of libretarianism.

check out the new users board if you want, for tips and the glossary of abreviations we use around here.

hope to see posts from you in the future. (and see you in chat)




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