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Grief klonopin and Ambien withdrawa

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Ok, I guess me using Ambien as a prn anti anxiety pill was getting me through a lot of the klonopin withdrawals. Now I told my dad and he locked them up. I have great sadness and grief come over my heart. 



My chest Feel empty. And it feels like there is a fire going on in my heart. I ruminate that this is my punishment for living a sinful life. That I'm dead to everything and without hope. 



When hen I was on k I didn't have these obsessions or did I constantly have grief. But I can't convince myself it's withdrawal when it feels so real. I have a hard time focusing on things and when I lay down I get body zaps which make me think I'm going to have another seizure. 



Im scared folks. I don't know what to do. I need the help but I feel I will never get it.

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The only people who can give you real-life help are your doctors. I would keep pushing for a therapist and I would have another talk with your psychiatrist about what you are going through. It sounds to me like this is more than withdrawal. It appears to be your illness mixing with withdrawal. I think your doctor needs to know this because I don't think you are being treated as effectively as you could be. Not long ago you were on higher doses of an AAP and you appeared to be doing much better. 

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