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In pain :(

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In so much pain from what I did last night, I regret it a lot, don't even know why I did. Every time I move and my clothes touch it it hurts, I know its my fault but I just needed to tell someone about it, can't tell anyone I know in real life, they've put up with too much from me already lately. :raincloud:

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DreamCatcher, I'm so sorry you're still in pain, that sucks. Can you wrap or bandage your wound to help with the sensitivity?

Please consider getting a doctor to look at it if the pain continues. They can help make sure that you don't lose mobility due to scarring. I know it's super scary, but I found that the doctors/NPs in my GP's office were surprisingly non-judgmental, as was my pdoc. Things were a little harder when I had to see someone I didn't have a relationship with, but it was worth it.

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