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Ok, so I figured that I've been dealing with OCD ever since I had to drop klonopin cold turkey.


my thoughts want to make me say I'm psychotic but I can go to the store and do all sorts of other things a psychotic person can't. My thoughts tell me I'm dead and this is some sort of afterlife. I go days saying to myself God loves me and wouldn't send me to hell. 


I just got a spike saying hell. So can anyone here help me? I feel that klonopin was that magic bullet and now I'm battling the thoughts of OCD all over again.

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Sonic, there is a limit to the help we can give besides support each other as we are all in the same boat. We are not professionals. You need professional help. If I were you, I'd call and try to get another appointment with the psychiatrist as soon as possible and explain how you are suffering. However, I would advise you NOT to mention klonopin because it will make you look like a drug seeker (which I know you aren't, but your doctor probably doesn't know you that well yet). 

Who says people who are psychotic can't go to the store and do all sorts of things? We have quite a few members who suffer from psychosis and yet live perfectly normal lives. I can't diagnose you and say whether what you have is OCD or some kind of psychosis, but you need to be carefully evaluated for each as sometimes psychosis and OCD can look similar.

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Well when I went through the psychosis in 05 I didn't even know how to use the phone to call out of jail. I was totally gone. My assumption if they went through what I did you wouldn't be able to do much. 



Im not saying all ppl but I assumed that if someone is psychotic than they will have gone through the torcher I went through. I don't think I have much of a chance getting a benzo so I have to find other ways to cope.

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