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Lyrica for benzo withdrawal

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Ok, I picked up an old script of lyrica and I know I'm not on it with my current doc but I needed something that would pull me out of the benzo withdrawal psychosis. So far I feel normal. Now I have gabapentin but my dad holds onto it because I had a seizure and the EMT counted them and saw I was abusing them. 



When hen I was on klonopin I had an addiction to lyrica/gabapentin. But as I've been dealing with the withdrawals I know lyrica eases them quite a bit. So just know I'm taking therapeutic doses to ease the mental anguish I've been in.

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Sonic, you need to be seeing your psychiatrist. I know you are desperate for help, but self-medicating can lead to more problems. And I'm not sure about mixing Lyrica with gabapentin since they are so similar. 

Please try to get in to see a psychiatrist. I'm not a doctor, but I don't think the psychosis symptoms are the result of Klonopin withdrawal. They might be made worse from withdrawal, but psychosis is not usually a symptom of withdrawal. You probably need a tweak of your antipsychotics which will take away the bad thoughts as well as lower your anxiety level and make you less likely to abuse your meds. BUT DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MEDS YOURSELF. Let your psychiatrist do that. 

Try to get an emergency appointment.

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10 minutes ago, sonicwhite said:

I see them Monday. I'm going to ask if they could change the gabapentin to lyrica.

Good. I'm glad to here that.

Sonic, when you see them, try not to focus too much on Klonopin withdrawal. In fact, don't ascribe your symptoms to anything and let them decide what is the cause. Because if you focus on Klonopin withdrawal, you might come out with a script for Lyrica, but that's not going to take away the bad thoughts. You want to get the bad thoughts treated so that you don't have so much anxiety. That is the most important thing. Klonopin withdrawal will be much easier if you get the bad thoughts treated.

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My dad told the doc about me over doing the gabapentin and they doc decided to give me lyrica. Ugh. Windows windows and more windows. I hate to have my dad go through this. 


Maybe the the psych ward is what I have to do.

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