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Have you ever fallen out of love with someone? Why?  

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  1. 1. Have you ever fallen out of love with someone? Why?

    • Yes, time was the cause.
    • Yes, they weren't the person I thought they were.
    • Yes, I found someone else to love.
    • Yes, none of the reasons listed.
    • No.
    • I've never been in love.
    • Love sucks ass.

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Hi all,

Random poll question - but I just found my old blog from when I dated the guy I'm currently pining away for, and there is no question in my mind that he did love me.  I just need to know why he doesn't love me anymore.  ;)   If anyone can share their experiences of falling out of love, it would really help me understand what the hell is going on.



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I don't know if this will help.

I mistook really good friendship for love. It was a awful ending when I realized he was in love with me by the things he was saying to me and I was not *in* love with him. I loved him but not *in* love.

I could not say the same things back to him. And this went on for two years  :embarassed:

It was *safe* and fun but I had to stop lying to myself and to him. When I said it ended badly it did.

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I always wondered if we choose to fall in love and likewise choose to fall out of love or is it something we really don't control. Personally I dated two gals that I should have ,for all intents and purposes, loved, but I didn't. Like yes, love no. Then the obverse side, dating a gal that I really should not have fallen in love with but did.  ;)

Can you force/choose yourself to love someone? I don't believe so. So does it follow that you can force or choose to fall out of love? You can change HOW you feel towards that person.

In my Sophomore year in college I wrote a paper called "Dissonent reduction factors in Social Attitude Change" that was published. In essence, I outlined the path that one goes through to effect change. First is questioning or doubting of the current. We are always doing that to some degree. We evaluate , We decide to accept the findings or reject.

You can be in a relationship for years and never really love the person. Being fond of, like, dependant on, all those sure one can have without love.

I suspect that we tend to confuse LOVE with other feelings. A gal told me that she "LOVES ME, BUT SHE IS NOT IN LOVE WITH ME" :)   :P   :ninja:

What love is to me:

Love is Honest  Pure love is never about lying or misleading.  Offering a pure love that is without motivations other than from the heart

Love is Faithful and loyal.  Loving is always being in love regardless of what happens.  Being 100% devoted and 100% committed to the one that you love. No one else matters but her in the matters of the heart.

Love is patient. When one loves another, one is patient with them to sometimes catch up or the times where you have to catch up with them.  I have patience to preserve the good and the bad times because I know that it will be OK .

Love is Kind. Loving someone makes me never say unkind things to them. The old saying that it is all in the delivery is especially important in loving someone. There are two ways to say things, gently and with love and kindness or harshly with no feelings on how the other might react.

Love does not Envy.  Loving makes us all equal. We are in this together not as separate beings.

Love does not boast. When you love someone you don

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Thank you everyone for your honest answers.  I realize that I'll never get an "answer" from the person in question.  I've been making advances toward closure, then I fall back to the beginning.  ;) Regardless, I just wondered why people fall out of love with someone.



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