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Hello Everyone!

So I'm currently taking fluoxetine, oxcarbazepine, and loxapine. I've been doing some reading on an older tetracyclic AD called amoxapine which is actually a metabolite of loxapine. I'm curious if it would be possible for me to replace both the fluoxetine and the loxapine with amoxapine and just take amoxapine with oxcarbazepine. Has anyone here taken amoxapine? How has it compared to your trials of other antidepressants? Looking forward to everyone's thoughts. Thanks!


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I'd be suprised if many took it, it's got a lot of nasty side effects...of course loxapine does too. I feel like you need to talk to the doc about that one cuz it's pretty complicated. The thing is it has "antipsychotic like" properties, but if you really need an AP...then it seems like more of an add on situation...or maybe Prozac but I'm sure it can replace a heavy duty AP like that 

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Loxapine is actually surprisingly tolerable. I know it's technically classified as a typical antipsychotic, but a lot of modern research has found that it is structurally similar to clozapine and binds to receptors in a fashion similarly to olanzapine. So it's more like a crossover atypical. Also, loxapine typically doses 30-50mg twice daily, but I'm only taking 10mg daily all at once before bed. It's very tolerable in my book. As is fluoxetine and oxcarbazepine.

A lot of studies indicate amoxapine is just as effective as amitriptyline and imipramine and more tolerable when it's taken all at night instead of in divided doses. Also, amoxapine apparently has a faster therapeutic onset when it's dosed once daily instead of 2-3 times a day. Not sure how that figures but w/e.

Honestly, things are going well with my existing medications, but fewer pills is very appealing. And I know that loxapine has worked really well for me even in a low dose, so I'm wondering if its child drug, amoxapine, can have a similar positive effect.


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On 4/21/2017 at 6:21 PM, Iceberg said:

With amoxapine you can get both the anticholenergic ad and the AP side effects 

......all things I already get from time to time because of loxapine and would get worse if I ever had to go up on it. SSRI and AP side effects between fluoxetine and loxapine have me pretty much prepared for the side effect profile of amoxapine, but I wanted to really hear it from someone who has taken it.

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