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Hello all! 


I'm new to the board but not to anxiety/ depression.  I used to frequent crazytalk when it was active. 

I need advice...

Currently trying Lexapro...I feel okay on a dose  (GAD gets a bit better,  insomnia/ heart palpitations decrease) but THEN after about 3 weeks it poops out!  Slowly my original symptoms return.  I started on 5mg, felt a little response, pooped out, went to 10mg, pooped out, went to 15 mg..and so on. 


Basically, what is going on?! I thought you responded to a drug or you didnt. My initial response is decent. Life is somewhat tolerable. When lexapro isn't working I go back to strings of 3ish nights of no sleep and racing heart/crying spells. 

Doc will want to bump it up more or have me pick another AD.  (He is very lenient.) I don't know what the limit for lexapro is,  though! How high can you go? 



I was on prozac for 6 years and it was fantastic! Couldn't tolerate zoloft/ wellbutrin. Buspar did nothing. 

What happens now? Really unsure of what to do...any thoughts/advice is so appreciated.

Help me, please. :(


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