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Where can I buy Lidocaine online?

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You can get up to 4 % OTC though that may burn. 2 to 2.5% is the usual dilution. Search "buy lidiocane" on google and amazon. Compounding pharmacies make it up to any % but you need a doc's script.

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Most of the results I am seeing are for creams and gels. I need the liquid used for injections.

From there it seems most of the websites are offering Lidocaine with Epinephrine, or they need a prescription / medical licence. Finding Lidocaine without Epinephrine or without the need for a prescription is really hard.

Then once you get rid of all those useless websites, you got the problem with lower strengths 1% or 0.5%, the closest I have come is finding a website that has what I need but only sells to the united states of America, I need delivery to Britain.

I am struggling with Google to get what I need, maybe someone here knows a specific website.

1. Delivery to Britain.

2. No medical licence / Prescription

3. no cream/gel/ointment ONLY a liquid for injecting

4. No epinephrine

5 2% or higher


Also, quite a few of the websites look a bit spammy, like something you would get in a spam email, and from what I understand they might commit fraud and steal the money from you without sending you anything.


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