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Did you build a tolerance to Adderall eventually?

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Hi everyone,

First, let me state that I do not take Adderall for ADHD. I take it to counter the sedation I get from Clozapine. My pdoc put me on 40mg of Adderall and for about a half of a year, I could wake up early and function during the day. However, starting last week I could not wake up until late afternoon and was still tired and I felt like I was stoned and could not think straight. I can only guess that I have built up a tolerance to the Adderall because the Adderall working was the variable that kept me awake after starting clozapine. I really hope this isn't the case because I've tried other stimulants and provigil all which didn't work. I can't quit clozapine It has saved my life. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Unfortunately, I do think you gain tolerance to the physical stimulation/energy boost effect of stimulants. I've never taken Adderall but was on ritalin for over 6 months. For the first several weeks it gave me a real energy boost and decrease in appetite - I would pop up out of bed in the morning. Slowly over time these specific effects wore off and it just helped me focus. Too bad all of the effects didn't last, because it really helped counter the sedation that I had from other antidepressants, and it also helped with motivation.

Is there any way you can lower your clozapine and take regular weekend breaks from the Adderall?

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