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Is there nothing left I can eat?

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I'm a vegetarian, lacto-ovo type but I don't eat much eggs or milk products. I am lactose intolerant (which makes sense since we are the only species to drink milk past infancy and the only species to drink another species' milk) But now... My meds interact with high fibre foods including bread and fruit and veggies. I bet my veggie "meat" is high fibre too since it's vegetable based protein.

So what is there left for me to eat?


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Plain white bread that's 'bad' for you -- it's mostly fake, so little fiber?

Geez, in an era when "high fiber!" is considered a selling point your in an unenviable position.

Good luck -- my Parnate diet, combined with lacto-ovo vegetarianism, makes for a simple problem.


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