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I was first diagnosed as having bipolar disorder but now I don´t know what I´m experiencing. I have low energy, especially inability to focus. I´ve lost my drive to do anything...anything! I haven´t showered in days and left my house in about 2 months. I don´t even want to get dressed  because I feel so ugly and fat and my sleep is a mess because my thoughts are racing at night  BUT I really don´t feel sad or suicidal like any other times. Is this depression? 

Thank you!

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 Like others have said, I also would really recommend making an appt with your pdoc.  What you explain sounds to me like when I get very depressed.  I don't know though if is what you have.  You'd have to see your pdoc and let him/her evaluate you.

But I'm not a DR.  I still would make an appt with pdoc though.

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