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Some people SUCK SO BAD!


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From WKTV news:

Uxxx Police have arrested the man they believe robbed Reverend Julien Elaine at knifepoint late Tuesday afternoon. They say the priest was not a random target.

Churches generally aren't places most people equate with violent crime. But Uxxx Police say a man, in desperate pursuit of easy money, robbed the priest of a church at knifepoint, in broad daylight, right at the rectory. More shocking facts were to come; police say the priest knew the suspect, and had actually given him money in the past.

According to Uxxx Deputy Police Chief Pasquale Benzo, "The suspect has had some contact with several local church organizations and the priest had assisted the gentleman prior to this in his official capacities at the church."

People living in the quiet neighborhood were shocked to come home from work Tuesday and see police cars swarming around their quiet neighborhood. They were even more shocked to find out the victim of the robbery was a priest.

Police believe Reverend Eliane never would have turned away his attacker if he'd simply asked for help, but instead, 35-year-old William Fancher inexplicably resorted to violence against the priest who'd helped him in the past.

"He (Reverend Elaine) was at the church and obviously was willing to assist him as he has done in the past probably for many people, when he pulled a knife out and ended up stealing the priest's wallet," said one officer.

It was his familiarity with Fancher that helped Reverend Eliane pick him out of a photo lineup. Fancher was apparently homeless; Police say he's been in the Uxxx area for years but has no home address. Tonight, he's in the Oxxxxx County Jail with $30,000 bail charged with the class B felony of first-degree robbery, which carries an eight to 25 year prison sentence upon conviction.

Story Created: Feb 2, 2006 at 6:23 PM EST

Story Updated: Feb 2, 2006 at 7:41 PM EST

I just can't believe some of the stories on the news and this one here just makes me sick to my stomach.  Do people have no conscience?

How bad off does a person have to be in order to rob a priest at knifepoint in his own rectory!?!?  The priest would have helped him, he didn't need to traumatize the poor guy with a knife.

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