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Xanax Xr

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I'm on Xanax XR. I take a 2mg pill every morning. I find it helps to calm me down through the day. I like it because it doesn't make me as tired as when I was on Klonopin and yet gives me that same calming affect. It's not a magic pill and I still get anxious sometimes, but it definitely helps me.

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I had 3 scripts for Xanax XR 2mg. I remember it working very consistently, and giving no euphoria like normal Xanax. I liked this because it had less abuse potential in my opinion. Still the same efficacy, just the lack of that instant anxiety relief you get with regular Xanax. I would prefer to be on Xanax regular as needed and Xanax XR 2mg once a day instead of Xanax 0.5mg thrice a day and 10mg Valium at night.

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