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So I had this ring. Not an expensive one, not one I had been wanting to buy for a while, just one that I decided to purchase to qualify for free shipping; I was using amazon. It arrives among my other items and I'm just thinking "I might as well wear this," fast forward a couple weeks. I lose the ring. I don't know why but something in my brain flips, I'm suddenly racking my memories for any place I had seen it, asking family etc. After a couple days of stress, anxiety and desperation I return to my before state as though it never happened. Yet every now and then I will just think "Where is my ring?!?" And begin another frantic search. It has no significance to me I just suddenly get this crushing feeling as though not finding it could kill my soul ,and then my stomach feels like a bottomless pit of despair and all I want to do is sob in a corner over a ring I didn't even like that much. Does anyone know why this might be?! I'm desperate ;I can't keep going through this cycle ,it's distracting me from work because I can't stop thinking about it. Any answers are greatly appreciated!

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Hi, Cmy. Welcome to CB.

I don't generally respond to threads on this board, as I'm not a mod for it, but what I am...is a jeweler. So I have, strangely, a backlog of knowledge of ways in which people lose their rings. 

My first and most important question is: do you have a cat? If you have a cat, all logical bets about where your ring might be just went out the window. If you have a cat, under just became the best place to look. The radiator. The stove. Your dresser. Any place a little paw might have smacked it while playing. 

Another thing people often do is take off rings while bathing, washing hands, or applying lotions, so check around sinks, and the edge of the tub.

Rings sometimes come off when you pull your hand out of a pocket or glove. What have you been wearing lately? 

The last thing to ask is if you've done anything recently that you might've thought would be hard on your hands, and that might have made you decide to take your ring off to do it. I've temporarily lost my wedding ring more times than I can count because I spontaneously decide to, say, clean out the washing machine filter. Off goes the ring, "I'll just put it down here for a sec!" Cue the panic five hours later.

I hope that you're getting treatment for what sounds like pretty miserable OCD. And I'll go now, and let people who have similar experiences share them with you. Again, welcome. Please feel free to PM me or one of the other mods if you have trouble getting the site to work.


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@Cmy432, I have an obsessive fear about losing things all the time, even if I know exactly where they are.

And if I do actually lose or misplace something significant, I obsess and panic about it until I find the item.....So you are not alone by any means.

Do you have a pdoc? (psychiatrist).........If so, I would suggest letting him/her know what you're experiencing regarding the ring.

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I relate way more than I should. I've had small panics over losing silly little trinkets like that before. Have you ever gone into a panic thinking you lost something important because you just haven't interacted with it in awhile? Like, if I haven't touched my phone, keys, or the pins on my backpack in 10-15 minutes I'll sometimes panic quietly and my hand will race to my pockets or the back of my backpack to check that whatever is still there and I'll just feel this calm wash over me. But if it isn't, cue freaking out and obsessive thoughts.

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