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Has*anyone* had a good experience with the Zydus generic for Lamictal?

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I was just prescribed Lamictal for atypical depression/anxiety. I have heard really good things about it and was excited to try it. We're titrating up starting at 25mg for two weeks. Today I picked it up from the pharmacy. I always google the manufacturer for the generic when I get new meds just to hear people's experiences.


Well, when you google "zydus lamotrigine," you get exclusively horror stories. People either saying it doesn't work at all or it gave them seizures and depression. I understand that people with bad side effects are the most likely to post about them online, but I couldn't find even a single person saying the Zydus generic worked for them.


I already picked up my meds and I don't think I can switch them out for another manufacturer at this point, so I'm really hoping someone can confirm the Zydus generic can work sometimes? If not, I'm not even sure if this is worth taking. What's the sense in starting on a new drug that works for no one?

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Zydus lamotrigine works well for me.  I have always taken generic Lamictal, so I can't compare it to brand name.  At first I got it in a 30 day supply from the pharmacy. It wasn't Zydus, but I forget the manufacturer. When I went to a three month mail order, it was Zydus and there was no difference for me.

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