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Stimulants For ADHD And Other Mental Health Related Issues

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Is it possible to take stimulants for ADHD if you have symptoms of other mental health problems?  I have experienced some issues with depression and even a few manic like behaviors at times in the past.  In general, I'm relatively stable, except for these sporadic issues.  I've never had a full blown manic episode, lost touch with reality or anything, but my behavior has become rather unusual as a result of these issues at times.

I do have fairly significant ADHD that greatly impairs most facets of my life.  I haven't sought any professional attention due to the fact that I'm concerned stimulants for the ADHD would exacerbate the other problems that I have, although they are quite minor.  I also don't want to take a mix of medications in order to counteract any side effects of stimulants.  Typically speaking, is it still possible to get conventional treatments for ADHD in a situation like this...... or would the doctor most likely put me on a cocktail of medications (aimed at minimizing side effects of the stimulants).  

The thing is, due to concerns for my long term physical health, I am rather leery of taking more than one medication.  I may be interested in a single medication for ADHD (or one that would effectively manage other problems along with it), but I'm not comfortable with the idea of taking more than one thing, especially if the medications have the possibility of causing side effects on one's physical health, which it seems that most forms of medication for anything do, not just with mental health.  I'm simply debating whether or not I should seek evaluation and treatment for my ADHD as an adult.  I do work, and I'm actually quite good at what I do, as I work online.  However, my ADHD definitely does get in the way of some (many) areas of my life.

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Bipolar disorder and ADHD happen together more often than you would think. People who have both can take stimulants for their ADHD, it just has to be done extra carefully. For example, I only take 30mg of Vyvanse which for many is considered a baby dose. But it's all I need and as much as I can currently handle without feeling amped. It balances well with the BP meds

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On 1/2/2018 at 4:25 AM, notloki said:

You are overthinking this issue. Just look around this list and you will see lots of people take multiple meds without any problems.


it's not for everyone though. For the longest time, I was very resistant with my pdoc as well for the same reason. Part of it was not accepting my bipolar 2 diagnosis and beyond that accepting that I might be a part of the large majority of people with bipolar disorder who require 2-3 medications to maintain and look where I am now lol. In all seriousness though I've been considering doing some trimming to my meds because of the same concerns that @Steve223 has

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I take Ritalin cautiously because it can exacerbate my issues with psychosis, but it works well for me as long as I keep a close eye on everything. 

Multiple medications are the reality for many people with serious mental illness, it’s a compromise you just have to make if that’s what works. Sometimes less is more, I take significantly less medication than I used to, but a working cocktail beats being dangerously symptomatic. 

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