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Absolutely. My pdoc calls them illusions rather than hallucinations. I get music, sports announcers, talk radio, and other things. Sometimes it's fairly clear, and other times it's a bit fuzzy. But it's mostly music that I never listen to (e.g., big band and heavy metal). They're softer than normal hallucinations, and they mostly come from speakers that aren't on. There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason as to when they happen. They are generally the only kind of "hallucinations" that I get outside of mood episodes. 

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This used to be more common for me than it is now, but will still happen once in awhile.

With things like white noise, also refrigerators, vacuum cleaner, computer (sometimes), fan, A/C ... anything with a motor ... I hear voices through these things also ... for me they are hallucinations.  They don't happen as much anymore, but when I am really stressed out, tired ... I will hear "people" talking through the device (whatever it is).

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