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I might have Narcolepsy? Help?

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So, my friends and family keep mentioning I sleep too much. I nap,  A lot. I'll nap and want another nap, i'll sleep in, wake up and then nap like two hours later at times. Etc. Other b.s. I've always thought it was just a lot of my depression problems, since depressed people can sleep a lot. I feel fatigued frequently, usually I know if I wanna go to bed I need to read something. It'll put me to sleep. if I'm slightly drowsy, only though. It's hard for me to concentrate at times, and i've had really bad nightmares that seemed so real that I've woken up in the middle of the night crying/screaming.

I took the symptom screener on morethantired from the commercials, and my scores were 5 and 16. This is where I'm confused, on the 16 score it said something about high negative scores? Or something like that? Has anyone else taken it or know what it means? Because 16 isn't negative, but my results said I should see a sleep specialist. I need to know what to do. i'll have to find one that takes Medicaid, there's only one where I live. The others are in the DFW area - not shocking but I can get Medicaid transport to take me or something like they said they could if i'm out of town for an appt.

What are your experiences with Narcolepsy? Can you explain for me? I just need to know if I should get tested or not, I don't wanna waste the appt. and Medicaid's time if it's nothing. But people worry that i'm napping from like 3-5 and then 7-9 at night. I sleep MORE than eight hours, I wake up the days my boyfriend works arounf 2ish to make him breakfast and pack his lunch for work. The days he doesn't work, we sleep. Needless to say my schedule is inconsistent. I felt a little better with the structured sleep schedule, sleeping at 9 waking up at 6-7 am. But I'm a night owl, I don't like going out during the day as I don't much like people and their stupid tendency to do things or at least the ones around me. I do my grocery shopping at night, because someone is almost ALWAYS running into me. And I get paid at night sometimes, or my boyfriend does. It's just preferred. Unless it's a store only open certain hours, unlike Walmart. The sunlight kind of pisses me off, and gives me headaches. I'm suppose to wear glasses because I've got an Astigmatism but lost two pairs two years ago, and need to go back and get more and a new test. I like the dark, and doing things in it. So, I rather not be up during the day unless I've got to be. I won't leave me house earlier than 5pm MAYBE,

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You really need a sleep study to figure out if you have narcolepsy or not, and to consult with a doctor specializing in sleep medicine to help eliminate behavioral issues that could be causing excessive napping. I have problems with insomnia and fatigue (including naps), so I went to a sleep doctor a few weeks ago. Was told to get up at the same time every day (regardless of whether I work or not) and start unwinding at the same time every day. And no naps. I've been following that routine for 2 weeks now, and it suuuuuuucked at first, but I'm starting to see some difference. The sleep PA also thinks I have obstructive sleep apnea (which could be causing the fatigue), so I'm having a sleep study next week. I'm what you would consider a night-owl too.

My BFF was just dx'd with narcolepsy, and it took 2 sleep studies and a MSLT (Multi Sleep Latency Test) for the official dx. The criteria was basically that he was given an opportunity to nap every 2h(?) and dropped into REM sleep 3 of 4 opportunities, after doing 2 sleep studies to make sure there were no other issues (sleep apnea, RLS, etc.)

Not sure that an outpatient doctor visit will confirm or deny your suspicions. 

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