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Help? Been on 1mg since this past September. (I was on abilify for a few years before this.) New doc wants me off it. Stepped down to .5 4 days ago. I feel like I'm going even more insane. Mentally I'm actually not doing too bad. But my body feels weird, sweating a ton, not hungry, waking up earlier than I need to. I know this is all normal withdrawal symptoms of this, but what can I do? I'm trying to have a relaxing evening watching hockey and I have this urge to get up and do something. I haven't stopped moving since the decrease. My body is so sore from doing tons of cleaning and yard work and just not resting so I'm really trying to take an evening off but I just can't sit still. When will this get better? I have been very unlike myself, or at least unlike myself recently. 

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If this keeps up I think I am gonna ask for a slower taper. Can't take benzos tho ☹️ I'll abuse them for sure. To relax tonight hubby and I watched hockey. During period breaks I did yard work, in the dark and rain. I mean, really? That's what I had to do to get some energy out. 

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10 hours ago, sonicwhite said:

I'm going through this right now. Been hallucinating and sensory overload.

If your original symptoms that the AP took care of/stopped came back while trying to reduce the med, this does not sound like withdrawal. It sounds like a return of symptoms from the original illness.

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