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Nothing helps I've been on four different antipsychotics in last 2.5 months. Almost daily hallucinations and altered consciousness. Confusion and anxiety. My doc wants me to go on clozapine. There is a problem though she is leaving for good in few days. The behaviorhethcare center is not getting new prescriber for few weeks, so I am stuck psychotic for who knows how long. I may be delusional, or is it all real? Kundalini activation, going up my spine, chakras bursting, top of hear snapping with electricity. Am I going through kundalini awakening or just crazy?




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4 different antipsych meds in 2.5 months won't give them a chance to work. Most take 4-6 weeks to kick in according to my pdoc. I'm also playing the clozapine waiting game, it's a real pain in the arse. I hope they can get you sorted quickly and that it works for you. Also sucks that your doc is leaving, good luck getting a new one :)


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