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If you stop one antidepressant and start a new one, will you have withdrawal symptoms from the stopped antidepressant?

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I'm thinking about caving in to my doctor's suggestion and stopping amitriptyline and starting Paxil or Zoloft. Will I still have withdrawals from the amitriptyline? What's your opinion of these meds for more anxiety than depression? I take 25mg of amitriptyline. If I try to take more, my blood pressure goes through the roof. I already ended up in the ER before when I doubled it.Don't know what to do. Do I cave in to the doc and try something new? I still have anxiety but can't go up on the dosage. I'm scared to try something new, but the amitriptyline isn't working at its fullest. The SSRI's scare me for anxiety. I have depression but the anxiety outweighs the depression

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When I was taking amitriptyline for chronic headaches I was taking I was taking 10-20mg in10mg tabs. If those are available in your location, you ought to be able to taper down from 25mg. I didn't get many withdrawal symptoms when stopping 10mg, but YMMV

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You may likely find that Zoloft and Paxil do really really well for your anxiety. SSRIs aren't for everyone by Paxil in particular is known for being exceptionally affective for anxiety and panic. Only difference is that Zoloft tends to be stimulating with a bit of weight loss. Paxil is likely to be sedating with a bit of weight gain. I take it you find amitriptyline to be sedating now, correct? Keep this in mind as you trial SSRIs. Some are sedating and some are stimulating but most of them are pretty good for anxiety. If the anxiety trumps the depression and you think that it's your anxiety that LEADS into the depression, then you may be better with something like Lexapro, which will be pretty calming.

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