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Pharmacies have automatic refill services where they will refill your meds when due, text or call you when they are ready, and get renewals when your script runs out from your doc. For free. Many have excellent web pages where you can check on this process or request refills.


There is not formal limit because you are expected to take your meds.

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Lexapro has a longer half-life of 27-32 hours, which means that you can usually miss one dose without noticing. Missing two or three doses, and you definitely will start to notice some of the withdrawal syndrome. However, missing your pills won't make them any less effective. However, if you've gone 3 days without taking your Lexapro, it may take a day or two of regular dosing before you're back to stable blood levels. And it may take that much time until you feel completely normal again.

The most important thing is to remember to take your medication. If you have an issue remembering to refill it, perhaps you can ask your doctor for 90-day scripts so that you don't have to refill as often. Insurance companies will usually even cut you a break on the copay if you use their mail order pharmacy for a 90-day refill. Invest in a pill case to help you to remember to take it. Having the pill case out somewhere in your bedroom or in the kitchen is always a good friendly reminder.

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