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At what dose did Lamictal become therapeutic?

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I'm currently on 100 mg.  I seem to be pretty stable despite some deep therapy shit going on.  The pdoc wants to wait until I'm finished dealing with this to see if I need to go up more.  I know 100 mg is pretty low.  Do you think it'll work, or will I have to go up.  Where are you therapeutic???????

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Heya Anne,

Lamictal is a weird and wild friend.

Depends what you mean by therapeutic.

The first day I took 25mg, I slept for 8 hours for the first time since, well, ever, according to my memories and my parents.

Plus, I stopped having nightmares, which I had had every bloody night.  I'm not scared to go to sleep anymore.

Both psychiatrists I've seen have been visibly shocked and pleased when I've reported this result.

Placebo?  Who knows, who cares, it's amazing.  Fucking amazing.

I'm up to 225mg now, b/c I'm still depressed and having breakthrough (I think mild) mixeds.

People around here, as we'll report, have had both good and bad experiences at various doses up to ... I want to say 400mg, maybe more??

If 100mg feels stable, and you feel stable enough for therapy, go for it.

Really, what we're *all* looking for is the smallest number of drugs, at the smallest doses, that make us feel better.

Keep it simple.

Whatever works.


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It is a bit of an individual thing -- the level that works best for me might not be what works best for you. The lowest dose at which it's effective is the place to stop, even if it's below the 'official' therapeutic dose. This is probably particularly true if you're taking other meds at the same time.

I take 300mg/day and find it very effective at that dose, together with my other meds. I worked up to it so long ago that I don't recall the process of deciding that was correct.

And I really like your avatar!


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For women on hormonal contraception, you have to see your Lamictal dose as being half of what you are taking. So for me, my 400mg is really 200mg.

It picked up for me right away as it made my other drugs more potent. At around 300mg (150mg for me) it kicked it fully. It went up and up again to make the other drugs stronger. It does this in my case. I take fewer other meds because I take more of this safer one. In my case that is.

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