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Hallucinations upon waking at night

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I was on seroquel and ambien, amoung other things, and I began halucinating upon waking in the middle of the night, or in the morning, if I was really groggy, not all there when I woke.  The sleep specialist is worried this may be a sign of narcolepsy or another sleep disorder (I have other signs) but I haven't noticed it since I stopped the seroquel.  But then, I haven't slept either, except for last night.   Has anyone else on this combination had this issue?  



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I known few people who has the same situation, they aren't taking medicines for that. we noticed every time their is a hallucination because of stress and too tired for the whole day activity or even lack of sleep. So I guess another way to avoid this type of hallucination is stress. 

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I've had some kind of hallucinations, psychedelic type ones, from taking Ambien. It makes my mind race and I see these cartoon visions. Needless to say, it does not help me sleep and I no longer take it.

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