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I have a neighbor who does the same thing sort of to me too, and he's also got a "thing" with my only friend I've got right now at the motel where I live. Pretty sure he's called me fat before, he always comes out of his room and glares at me for no reason. He's called me a teletubbie before, whatever that fucking means. He's 45, I might add. I'm 20, I can just be going to my room from doing laundry or something, not make eye contact or anything and he's there. It's creepy.

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All I can say is ignore it, I know it's not easy cause this dude is always bothering me and he lives a room down. Like there's a room between us, right? Yeah. I've got my own reasons for not liking him, and my boyfriend told him to leave me alone after he made his hateful comment. I won't get into why I don't like him because it delves into personal things involving my friend and I won't blast her business. As it's not mine. Can't really pick your neighbors, we thought of moving. We have another neighbor, who's an escort who makes it sound like someone's banging her fucking skull into her headboard when she "works." 

i'm not shaming her for what she does for money, hell i've almost been there. I've done similiar things even, but don't be making that much noise between 4 and 6am. My friend who lives under her has a baby, and my boyfriend works second shift so he has to sleep so he can work.He's been sick and a lot of it is from lack of sleep thanks to her. It being a motel, our bed is up against the same wall as hers. I know this for a fact because I've seen inside her room before she moved in. It just drives me nuts, like of all times. We don't have a headboard, but even then we aren't that loud. We might move rooms if it persists but it'll cost us more, and we might go downstairs because the available rooms have two beds - and my boyfriend has a kid. a teenage boy, and we don't have our second mattress now so we've been thinking of moving rooms for when he visits. 

Just do your best to ignore it, talk to the parents maybe? I mean, that's really all you can do. If it becomes too much you can go to the police for harassment, you know.

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