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Disruptive Sleep

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Meaning now I wake periodically from maybe 4am on. ;) I had this happen my first try w/Cymbalta, then went off it, on to Lexapro, off that cause I didn't like it and back on Cymbalta 30 mg only w/Klonopin at night.  Figured that'd do the trick - nope.  The first few weeks were good, then once the Cymbalta kicked in - here we go again waking up.  Fuck!  I really like Cymbalta. 

If I have sleep prob. it's getting to sleep, now waking up in the middle of the night so this really pisses me off. 

Does anyone know if this works itself out or goes away?  The first time on Cymbalta I was on it about 5 months and it was still happening. 

Crap.  Any advice?  I figured the Klonopin at night would keep it at bay. 

Any replies would help - and ya don't have to be on Cymbalta - if this happened/happens to you on a different drug, let me know.  I'm floundering here!

Thanks in advance.  Kris.


Dang, I know what that feels like... Until they finally put me on Trazodone in mid-2005, I had NEVER slept one night, not one stinking night in my entire life, uninterrupted.

And now my Cymbalta reduction (ironically) might be throwing my deep sleep into nothing but repetitive bouts of REM that cause me to wake up several times a night, clothes and bedsheets soaked in sweat.  At least that's what my GP, Dr. Pass-on-the-buck, says.  "Discuss this with your psychiatrist next week."

You know what though? Klonopin has helped me... 0.5mg/night and I sleep fairly well.  Maybe one interruption, but that's nothing compared to the hell of continuous REM sleep. 

Try getting completely trashed every night?  Okay, bad idea, reduces your deep sleep quotient.  Might even be worse for your liver than Cymbalta is.

Might want to ask your doctor about Trazodone... start out at 50mg QN (25mg if 50's too much)... The stuff has been generic for ages and it's dirt cheap.  If that doesn't work, you might want to ask about Remeron (mirtazapine), but only if you don't mind gaining another 50 lbs.

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