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sick coworkers


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Stupid sick coworkers coming to work sick because they don't want to use their paid time off being sick.

They can get by with half a day or one whole day for a cold.

Me? Newp.

Takes me out for several days. So far it's been Friday, Monday, and latter half of today. I tried to rally, and made it through a half day this morning.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Plus I feel like such a weenie for taking this much time off for "just a cold". I thought maybe my nervous system and immune system had recovered since it had been 9 months since I got sick. Newp on that too.



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My boyfriend was put on the schedule at his job to be off Fri-Sun, right? Well, sometimes like midweek they change their schedules we found out (he's still relatively new, and checked the schedule before he went home from work one day and got called in the next day when he was suppose to be off cause he got put on; no one called in or anything either.) When they changed it this time, they made him work all those days and be off Monday and Tuesday, so technically he wasn't suppose to have a day off last week, or last pay period really. Well, he got sick Friday, and called in. He volunteered to get a doctor's note, and he doesn't have insurance right now so we had to go to the ER...of course. No other way to get a note cause we can't afford anything else. So we go, well their note says he's got the stomach flu and can be off until Sunday if he doesn't feel well.

He's been taking his meds, still didn't feel good, called in of course. Called yesterday to see if he got put on the schedule to makeup what days he missed, nope. Nor for Tuesday, today of course, well now yesterday in my timezone...CDT. He wanted to work because we can't really afford for him to be off and pay our bills. Like, I get that.

When I worked in a nursing home, if you felt slightly ill you got sent home of course. Elderly people have terrible immune systems, esp. those in nursing homes. Like actual nursing homes on oxygen taking tons of meds, etc. Same with schools, kids don't have strong immune systems. People who have paid days off and don't use them for such, I mean it's sort of stupid but I get it because no one wants to take a paid day off....just to be sick if that makes sense? some people use those days to go on vacations, esp. if they are during the summer when their kids are out of school, etc. I know it sucks but there's not much you can do.

Some places will still want you to go in, just depends on your boss. I mean, if you call in you can offer to work a day you were scheduled off, or pull a double or cover for someone else. I tell my boyfriend to do that so it looks like he wants to work and be at his job. He does, don't get me wrong, so it's not a lie. It just shows initiative, IMO.

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I know my allergies have been really bad when I go outside, it's been so crazy here with the weather. I live in Texas, of course. It was cold af for a few days, and it was those days where it was REALLY freakin cold in the AM but got warm in the PM and it made me glad I'm not in school or working right now; because I hate days like that SO. MUCH. Then we had rain and storms for a few days, now it's like acceptably warm but also kinda windy or really windy, depending on what the weather wants to do. Regardless, it's messing with my damn allergies and it makes me not wanna even go outside. Not even for a minute. Because then I get stuffed.

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Thanks, everyone.

When I was 18 I worked in a restaurant. We had a set day shift, M-F, only three of us, and it was hard to get someone to fill in if one of us couldn't make it. One day I called, sick as hell. So sick it was probably visible over the telephone. I told the manager, who was a first-rate asshole, how sick I was, and he said to come in anyway. They'd just have me cook that day, instead of help customers.


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