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How many meds do you take?

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Fun survey time! *holds up a sign that says "Clap and cheer"*

So just out of random curiosity, how many meds does the average member of our quiant little community here take? [Which ones, how much ect as well if you want]

Then, how many physical pills does that translate into?

I guess I just wonder how many pills it takes to shut us up for awhile.

Mention weather or not your coctail is working too.


Ok, so let me think here, remeron, depakote, klonopin, topamax, provigial, wellbutrian, effexor. I -think- that's all. They should all be in my sig. But that dopamax does a number on my memory.

3 depakote+2 remeron+1 klonopin+1 topamax+1 provigial+ 1 wellbutrain+1 effexor= 10 *holds up "clap and cheer" sign again*

And as of now I'm seeing my doc once a week and we're tweeking things back and forth and it'll start to work and then I'll stumble and end up on my face in the dirt again untill the next appointment. Sigh.

I have two of those day of the week pill box things, pink one for the morning and purple one for night, and a big plastic box ontop of my frige for all my meds. Every sunday evening I sit down with all my meds and very carfuly refill my pill boxes. Lately I'm always afraid i'm taking the wrong amount of something.

Someone needs to make a smily that's like... surrounded by pill bottles and looks all stressed out or something...

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hehe oh boy...

1 wellbutrin

1 aciphex

1 armour thyroid

1 adderall xl

2 adderal ir

1 celebrex

1 yasmin (bc pill)

1 xanax xr

2 L-Tyrosine

2 Acetyl L-Carnitine


1 Pregnelone

1 Phoshopralated Serine

1 Folic Acid

20 custom amino acid caps (10 2xs a day... used to be powder but tastes like ass)

1 multi vitamin w/ b complex

6 Similase digestive enzyme caps (2 with each meal)

2 Lecithin

3 Co-Q 12

1 Alpha Lipolic Acid

2 Calcium

3 Omega Brite gel caps

2 Glucosamine Sulfate with MSM

2 Magnesium

2 L-Tryptophan

(er... counting on fingers)

is that 61?  shit.

though only 9 are rx from the pharmacy

(though all of the supplements are rx from a doctor...)

gah no wonder i drink so much fucking water!


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3 .5 mg. klonopin

1  1 mg. klonopin

1 300 mg. wellbutrin

5 500 mg. glucophage

1 15 mg. abilify

1 30 mg. restoril

1 100/25 mg. hyzaar

4 220. mg. alleve

2 1000 mg. glucosamine sulfate

2 multivitamins

2 1000 mg. vitamin c

4 400 mg. vitamin E




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I guess I just wonder how many pills it takes to shut us up for awhile.

Oh, ell, that number hasn't been reached yet. But yeah, I do support the local pharmacy as much as I *CAN*. Damned mail-in insurance requirements!!!

3 Depakote

2 Lamictal

2 Risperdal

1 Synthroid

3-6 Xanax

1 Zoloft

1 Multi-vitamin

15-18. Guess I'm a lightweight on this board!

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15-18. Guess I'm a lightweight on this board!

If anyone here starts trying to take additional medications for the express puposed of joining the Overmedicated Cool Kids Club, I shall beat them about the head and assimilate them into the Collective.  The Collective is perfection.  Like Scientologists, we need no drugs.  Put THAT horror in your pipe and smoke it!  Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!

Sorry about that.  I know you weren't going for that, Rabbit (I ;) my Rabbit!), but sometimes I feel the urge to make nonsensical public service announcements. 

The least medication possible for the greatest benefit.  If you can get by on one Lexapro a day, I am jealous. 

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2 - Lamictal

2 - Lyrica

3 - Seroquel

1 - Biotin

1 - Zinc

= 9

I take Vicoprofen and Xanax prn so I didn't include them.

I too sit down on Sunday's and fill up my pill case.  I keep all my meds in a big plastic container that I got from the dollar store (pill case from there also).

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1 Zoloft

2 Seroquel

3 Topamax

1 Levlen

1 Singulair

1 Vit C

1 B6

1 Zinc

2 methylphenidate

and my handy Flonase and Advair

upcoming preview:  allergy shots!

and when I start to get sick:

6 Primal Defense (aka dirt pills)

12 Wellness Formula

13?  Soon I'll be off the Topamax, and down to only 10. 

Who's jealous? ;)

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1 lamictal

2 seroquel

1 singulair

1 nexium

4 zantac

1 multivitamin


10 pills

plus advair and albuterol

Between me and my 70-something year old gramma, it's a tossup as to who takes more meds per day. ;)

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I really wonder what they think of me at the pharmacy. And there always seems to be a problem - something doesn't have refills when it should, wrong size etc etc. I'm always switching trying to find what works so they must have about 10 drugs for me in their system.


Clomipramine (am I the only one on this?)





Bs with C



Fish Oil

Cholesterol Statin

Occasional Benadryl

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I used to be on a lot but not so much now


6 depakote

2 wellbutrin

2 celexa

4 perphenazine

1 clonazepam

1 trazodone

2 omega 3-6-9

2 glucosamine sulphate and chondriton

1 B complex plus C

Now minuw the depakote and celexa and trazodone. Increased the perphenazine, but that means less pills because they are bigger. And added amitriptyline


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I'm going to be the medwhore we all are (duh) and reply to this post.

Psych Rx:

*200mg Lamictal, 200mg Provigil (morning)

*100mg Trazodone, 30mg Cymbalta, 0.5-1.0mg Klonopin (evening, Klonopin PRN but needing it almost every night due to Cymbalta w/d)

Non-psych schtuff:

*50mcg (0.05mg) Synthroid (morning)

*300-600mg Neurontin/Gabapentin (evening)

Non-RX drugs:

*Ibuprofen up to 1200mg/day (normally around 400-600), for tendonitis pain, random calf pain, upper back pain, and pain in the neck (cervical spondylosis, not talking about my mother or ex-boss!)

*Phenylephrine (neo-Sudafed PE post-crystal meth age) PRN 20-30mg for congestion that happens way too much

*Zantac 150mg for when my digestive system slows down, leading to severe acid-in-throat and nausea

*Loperamide 4-8mg/day for when my digestive system goes the other way and rivals Speedy Gonzalez and results in things coming out the other end a little too quickly (yeah yeah, TMI I know)

Non-FDA-approved drugs:

*Standard B-complex supplement, so my liver resembles Emmentaler cheese instead of Swiss cheese.

*200-800mg caffeine in the morning, PRN if I have to get my ass out of bed on time, generally in the form of coffee or occasionally Red Bull (yay for Costco)

*10g/10,000mg some overpriced pure GABA-based deep sleep aid/"growth hormone enhancer" (used for the former reason) at night (remember that's double the highest dose recommended, yay for drug-resistant me.)

*13.5g ethanol in the evening PRN, repeat as many times as necessary. ;-)

Yeah, I'm one sick little 22 year old.

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OK, med baby here, also 32 but just getting started ;)

Lamictal 225mg qhs. (2x100mg + 1x25mg)

OCP, now the ring.

Fish oil, 8g daily.

Multivitamin, 1g daily.

Folate, 400mg daily.

Ferrous gluconate, 300mg tid.

Glucosamine, 1g daily.

Epipen and Benadryl prn for wasp stings.

Toradol prn for shoulder pain.

Total without prns:

One ring plus 19 tabs/caps.


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Four lithium

Two lamictal

One lexapro

One risperdal

Two clonazepam

One trazodone

= 11 pills

not too bad. we've recently cut back on the dosages of some of them, so that's helped. but i still feel like, for me, six different meds is ridiculous.


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I am pregnant, so I am only taking 1 (100 mg) Zoloft per day right now.  And my prenatal vitamin, of course.

I am supposed to be taking:

Morning - 1 (100 mg) Zoloft, 2 (200 mg) Seroquel

Night - 1 (100 mg) Zoloft, 2 (200 mg) Seroquel, 3 (25 mg) Elavil

So, 9 pills.

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I'm not bipolar.  Can I chime in anyway? 

4 glucophage

1 adderall

1/2 naltrexone

5 clonidine

Thats 10 and a half, I guess.  4 months ago I had no meds at all.  I also hadn't been to see any kind of doc in more than 10 years. So I guess this is some sort of progress. 

3 depakote+2 remeron+1 klonopin+1 topamax+1 provigial+ 1 wellbutrain+1 effexor= 10 *holds up "clap and cheer" sign again*

This made me think of the final scene in Clue when they're trying to figure out how many bullets are left in the gun.

"One shot at Mr Boddy in the study, two for the chandelier, two at the lounge door and one for the singing telegram."


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