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The depression and loneliness is killing me!

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Dear Crazyboard,

I'm in the theme park now for almost 5 years and Aim sick of it my bipolar is destroying my body, my interests, social life everything.
But the most painful is the constant loneliness i have to deal with.
I'm currently living in a housing project for people with mental illness and its like a prison my old friends if you can call them that don't want to come and visit just because of the stigma and vibe this place got.
My family is already happy i moved out and now Aim sitting here in my room with no person to talk to it sucks!
I'm really searching for someone to talk to doesn't matter how email,whatsapp anything everything is better than sitting here in my lonely room yet another day..




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Hi Zoquduan, and welcome to CrazyBoards - I'm glad you found us, and I hope you find it helpful to connect with the other members here.  I'm sorry to hear that you find yourself in a lonely, isolated position.  How does the housing project work - are there any group meetings or chances to interact with those around you?

Please feel free to contact me or another member of staff if you'd like any help negotiating the site.

Mia (moderator)

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Thanks MiaB for your response!

Well it kind of works like this:
I'm living in a housing project where there is 24/7 care i only have a room and the other amenities are shared.
I don't see other people much they have either jobs or going to school.
Sometimes i see other people and i try to socialize but people here have all there own problems en so allot of people are introverts and don't like social contact much.

Hope this answers your question!


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Hi, welcome!

i really like these forums and they help me feel less lonely, too. We are never alone!

After my bipolar diagnosis--I found many of my old friends weren't supportive and drifted away from me. I started going to a local bipolar support group and met friends there. 

Also, maybe there are some lonely people at your housing? Maybe try and strike up at friendly, low-key conversation sometime.  I am introverted so I understand but that doesn't mean we don't want friends. Since you live in the same housing, it could be "hello" one day, "how are you" the next, etc. Low-pressure. 

I should take my own advice lol


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Hi and welcome :)

sorry to hear about the effects your condition is having on your life. I can sympathise.

have you considered joining a group therapy, support group or activity group? People attending those should be more social because they are choosing to be in a social situation.

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