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Back again, newbie

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I registered here ages ago and got sidetracked and wandered off...I'm back and want to be an active member of the community.  I like to give support (and receive, when needed) to others and I'm looking to meet online friends here. I'm a little bit shy but I'm good at answering questions.

I have always liked the layout of this site and that a good dose of humor goes a long way. =]   

I may be hypomanic, I think.  So skip the rest if you like.  Nice to "meet" you all!

Detailed introduction :

Let's see...I have been diagnosed in 2006 with:

....bipolar disorder 1, rapid cycling, mixed mood state predominant, with occasional psychotic features.  Classified as "Severe."

...PTSD, GAD, Social Anxiety disorder, OCD, Panic disorder 

I also have Chronic Pain from neck and back surgeries with degenerative disease. It's pretty debilitating but I find bipolar and anxiety much harder. I'm disabled, a lawyer and been on SSDI since 2009. Wouldn't have studied so hard and gotten student loans if I knew mental illness was down the road....but it is what it is. (It took a lot of therapy to get to that.)  I spent a week there and I'm focusing on self-care while dealing with life stress.

I have an excellent pdoc. I'd been misdiagnosed with MDD and fed SSRI's by my GP. Bipolar 1, mixed episode suicidal and psychotic hell. My pdoc took over (2006) and we've been together ever since.

I have been IP several times, unfortunately.  My goal is always to never go back again.  I'm currently sole caretaker to my stepdad who is dying of pancreatic cancer  it's hard.  A couple of months ago, I hadn't slept at all in five days and I was in a manic episode.  I called my pdoc and we agreed I should go IP - there is a non-crisis mood unit in my area and he likes the psychiatrist there.  He got me pre-admitted with a private room (I was thrilled, I'm an introvert and need privacy).

Psych. Rx: I take Lamictal, Geodon, Lexapro, Klonopin, Wellbutrin XL, Vitamins D, B+ Complex, Folic Acid

Chronic Pain: PRN Percocet and Flexerill 

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